Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I be washing my gloves?

Gloves are the ones that need the most frequent cleaning of all the equipment of a motorcyclist. Gloves get dirty depending on their use and the type of glove. If you use your gloves daily and for many hours, then gloves should ideally be washed every 2 months in the summer months and at the latest every six months.

How often should I be washing my helmet?

The helmet, since it comes in direct contact with the skin of our face and our hair, needs special cleaning to remove all dead cells and pollutants from the polluted atmosphere. Depending on the frequency of use and the season (eg in the summer, you need to wash is more frequent due to sweating) should be washed every four months or at the latest every year.

When did you last wash your helmet?

I wash my jacket by myself. Is it not enough?

Do you wish to see the difference between “home” cleaned and “Dirty Wash®” cleaned jackets? You will be surprised!

I clean my suit's trousers at home. Do they need extra cleaning?

Are you sure that when you clean it the dirt has been removed completely? If you want a thorough cleaning without germs and hidden dirt, this can only be only done in Dirty Wash®, where we do a professional and meticulous job.

Ask our clients to make sure!

Can I wash my helmet with detergent?

Would you wash your body with the same detergent? The helmet comes in contact with your hair and your face. Detergent residues that will be present on the helmet, since it has not been professionally cleaned and dried, can degrade the quality of the materials and their durability over time and become ideal nests for germ colonies.

What is the ideal season for cleaning my equipment?

Ensure that all parts of your equipment are in good condition, this is especially important for your safety.

Our suggestion for the ideal season to take care of your equipment is:

Equipment / Season 

Winter/ Spring-Summer


Summer/ Autumn-Winter

4 seasons / Whenever needed

What is the connection of the protection ability of my equipment with its systematic preservation?

When there are signs that the protective clothing is ripped, or the zipper does not close etc, in the case of a accident this protective gear will not provide the expected safety.

We should keep all our equipment in a very good condition for safety reasons.

My leather was torn! ... what do I do?

Leave it to us! Some photos from our work will convince you!

The zipper of my jacket/suit is broken. What do I do?

Often when we are in a hurry, we do not zip the zipper all the way down and that can cause a breakage. Going step by step we look at each case separately, starting with the simplest solutions until the zipper is completely changed.

I have climbing clothes. Can I bring it to you for cleaning / preservation?

You can! If you tell us a beautiful mountaineering experience!

Are you accepting leather non-motorsport garments for cleaning / dyeing / repairing / altering?

We are a specialized shop offering services for all kind of needs of all leather clothes. We cover leather nappa, suet, nubuck, and fur. We can even cover leather fabrics for your home, the leather sofa, the leather pillow and any other leather.

We also take on textile cloths that have a combination of special materials (cordura, core tex, d-dry, special membranes etc).

I live outside of Athens. How can I be served?

Don’t be afraid to get dirty anywhere in Greece!

Depending on the city you live in, there are solutions that can cover every case. Call us: 210-9244007 or email us: to serve you and answer any of your questions.