Cleaning: Motorcycle boots

Cleaning: Motorcycle boots

Cleaning of leather boots

Many of us love the earthy paths. We reach for them as possible as we can. It is hard to hold back from a walk to the woods or a mountain, to small or big paths. For the ones who dare even to the riverbeds! Though, for everyone’s security it is required the appropriate equipment.

Our helmet, clothes ( jacket and pants with the necessary endorsements), boots should be in the best condition in order to fully protect us. Therefore , we end up with muddy or even ripped up equipment. The most important thing is to remain safe! For everything else, there is always a solution.

The destroyed parts of your ripped clothes can be replaces wirh new. Furthermore, even if mud and soil are hard stains, they can be removed with the appropriate cleaning tips. Cleaning and disinfection can be done to your helmet or your boots too.

In this article we will focus on motorcycle boots and how the cleaning and maintenance of them should be done. It is necessary in the end of your walk out to remove mud and soil of your boots, remain to a open place with clean air in order to dry inside and outside. When they dry up and there is not mud or soil on them ,they need to be greased to be able to hydrate and maintain the leather pieces.

If this process seems to you overtimed or hard Dirty Wash is here for you to give you solution and take over all the process from cleanind and hydration to the necessary disinfection.

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cleaning to leather boots
cleaning and disinfection to boots and suits